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Default 04-27-2010, 12:27 AM

Information about the Forum's Sections, so you know how to post a thread in the correct Section or to simply know where to look for something.

[Client Download]
  • Play Here! - Click here to be redirected to play SilabGarza!

  • Annoucements - A section to check out the new Updates, or to see what's currently happening w/ SilabGarza.

  • Donate/Donations - Made to help Gir get you your items(Providing proof of donation). Also for any Donation Questions you might have.

  • Knowledge Base - Here's where you'll find all the information you need to know about SilGar!

  • General Chat - Almost anything to talk about SilabGarza related goes here. But can't be spam. Example; Thread: ? Topic Post: is survar daown?

  • Introductions/Inactive - Place to say Hi to the community and to post your goodbyes (Don't post threads such as "I'm going to bed. Good night SilabGarza")

  • Polls/Debate - A place to state your opinion about a subject and/or vote on polls. Also to see what others think about a subject you have in mind.

  • Suggestions - Suggest something for the server/forums that would be useful and/or fun.

  • Feedback - This board is where you post what you think of a player, staff member, or the server as a whole.

  • Appeal/Reports - Appeal a Ban/Mute or Report someone for doing something against the Rules(Using the correct format of course). Also used for Reporting Bugs/Glitches.

  • Guides - View guides created by other Members if you're having trouble, or you just want to know how to do something. Quests Guides, Skill Guides, and Other. Create a Guide for others.

  • Help - Get your questions answered in this section. Can also help people w/ what they need.
    Server Help - Anything that is in-game related that you need help with. Example; Where do I fish?
    Forum Help - Anything that is forum related that you need help with. Example; How do I get kbank points?
    Client Help - Anything that you need help that has to do with the Client. Example; My client closes by it's self every time I open it.

  • Goals and Achievements - Any Goals you want to set for yourself, or achievements that you've accomplished post them here. Also just to see and/or comment on what other Members Goals/Achievements are.

  • *Market - Buy or Sell items/stuff.

  • Moderator Application - Apply for Moderator or vote on someone elses Moderator Application and give your opinion. You MUST have the requirements before making an application.

[Pking and PvM]
  • PKing - Show off your Pking loot. Give/Get Pking tips. Check to see if there's any Pk Tournaments happening.

  • Show-Off - Show off your drops that you got from monster, or view others. Brag about your bank pictures, or view others. A place to show off pretty much anything.

  • *Clans - Create a clan or Join a clan.

  • Requests - Need some graphics work done? Make your requests here! Also a sub-section for help.

  • Show Off - Show off your signatures and graphics art here!

  • Battles/Competitions - Fancy a battle with a GFX artist? Here's the place!

  • Tutorials - Here's some tutorials that will help you improve on your GFX skills!

[Real Life]
  • Social life - Anything that has to do with socializing, problems, trends, etc goes here.

  • General Chat - Real Life related discussions go here.

  • Advice - Get or give advice for relationships, life, and other types.

  • Mature 18+ - We're not to be held responsible for any material posted in this section.

[SilGar Media]
  • Movies - Seen any good movies? Have any movies you'd like to share? Post em here!

  • Anime - For all you anime junkies out there.

  • Gaming - Anything related to Xbox360, Sony, or any other console/device goes here.

  • Literary - If you need Homework Help or if you would like to help others, this is where you come to. Got Poems/Stories you would like to share post them here, or view other poems and stories.

  • Computers - Everything computer related goes here Programming, Help, General, Show off, and Custom builds.

  • Videos - Post/Discuss videos you like or made.

  • Music - Post Songs you Listen to and listen to other Members songs.

  • Downloads - Find things that you want to Download, or post a Download.

  • Humor - View what other people think is funny, or post what you think is funny.

  • Runescape - Anything about runescape goes here.

  • *Spam - Anything that is useless, not of importance goes here Or if there is no Section for it.
    *Spam(Forum Game) - A place to play forum games!

[Black Market]
  • RS Accounts - If you're Buying or Selling RuneScape Accounts, this is the section for you.

  • RSGP Sales - If you're Buying or Selling RuneScape Gold, this is the section for you.

  • Services - Services such as botting, firecape, items, and other go here.

  • Reports - Got scammed through the "Black Market" section by another user? Report them here! RuneScape related reports only!

Section(s) with a * in front of it means that it doesn't give post-count.

Hope this Helps.
That's about it. Anymore questions/concerns PM/VM Myself Or Forum Staff

PS; Sections are Clickable if you can't find them. Lol.

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Section(s) Information

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