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Reload this Page [Repayment] Scammed? Read Me For a Refund

[Repayment] Scammed? Read Me For a Refund
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Default [Repayment] Scammed? Read Me For a Refund - 02-19-2013, 10:13 PM

Hi, I notice every few days or so, it seems like users are scammed.

So I would like to reimburse any player who was scammed.

For any scam not related to auth codes-

After a moderator has accepted or denied your report, please Forum PM Me your thread. I will evaluate it and deem it either valid or invalid for repayment. I will be checking for legitimacy, and if I suspect you are trying to abuse the system, I will have Brittany check the logs, and you will be punished.

On this thread you will be able to find the list of items that I currently have in stock for repaying scams, thanks to my generous donators-

Auth scams ONLY-

After a staff member accepts your report as valid, PM me on the forums by Clicking Here. I will supply you with a new auth code correspondent to the one you lost. Don't feel shy to PM me even if your report was denied. I will review it to see whether or not it is valid for repayment.

Enjoy, and sorry for your losses.

In closing, here are some tips to stay safe, and trade smart-

  • After being scammed, as soon as you have that suspicious feeling, or even after the trade. Take a screen shot. Make sure the chat + your inve is showing. Right after, screen shot your bank with your inve still visible. Finally, teleport to a remote location to make sure none of the chat you had disappears whilst you try to put together the proof. The more proof you have the better.

  • If you were scammed and don't know how to get proof, please follow my guide here on taking screen shots, and preferably videos.

  • Always remember to trade safe and use a ' Middle man ' whilst trading. A list of the available staff members can be Found Here. Along with a list of admin approved "Trusted Middle mans" HERE. Alternatively I'd be glad to help if one is currently not online.

  • Here Is A Step By Step Auth Guide, made by Wyatt which demonstrates not only the proper way to buy and sell auths, but the safe way.

  • Make sure to read the other stickies in this section, so that you follow the proper formats.


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[Repayment] Scammed? Read Me For a Refund


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