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Reload this Page Appeal on behalf of natsprizzle Version 3

Appeal on behalf of natsprizzle Version 3
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Default Appeal on behalf of natsprizzle Version 3 - 06-28-2014, 09:57 AM

Please stop closing the threads.

"Because I didn't hostban "natsprat". I hostbanned "DJ str1 own2" and now you're appealing Nats hostban.

That's how the fuck I know."

They're typing the same because as I mentioned, he was drunk as fuck and was imitating him. I know with 100% certainty that natsprat isn't the guy.

I won't lie i'm not very understanding of hostbans and whatever but i'll just show you what I know.

Gyazo - 31c491ae34ae92088abb06d0c500843c.png - This occurs when he goes to the forums.

Gyazo - 2ecee3e3b75664dd4458a52add84696b.png - This occurs when he tried to log in.

Gyazo - 3a7379cb9e521190fa2169bf9a6d1696.png - This is when natsprizzle was banned. Yesterday night. Dj str owned (from what i see on the appeal) was banned on the 22nd June. natsprat still had access to the website up until that point yesterday.

"Regardless, he joined my server with a nasty ass attitude.
I'm definitely not going to unban either account."

He drunkenly did it, if you even let him on the forums he will apologize for his actions. Also, he did one offence, you gave the dj str own guy (i think?) 3 chances before hostbanning him. Its not fair that you don't give my friend a chance because you have mistakenly identified him as somebody else.
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Default 06-28-2014, 10:45 AM

I've said no 3 times now. If you make another, I'm going to remove your ability to view this section.

If I hostban one account, it bans any account the user uses to try to login. Hence why it's showing he's banned.
I didn't IPban nats. I simply went and hostbanned Dj str1 own2 and it appears nats was on the same host.

I really don't care who nats is. When someone joins my server telling me to "suck their cock" after 2 minutes, I do NOT want them on my server anymore.

I'm not unbanning someone with that kind of rude ass attitude, drunk or not.
Drinking isn't an excuse to flame the owner of the server with in 2 minutes, especially to the extent he did.

Sometimes we just need a friend.
Someone to hold us when you can't stand.
Sometimes even to pretend like you matter for that split second that everything seems to be crashing down.
And sometimes it's just easier to say goodbye.

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Appeal on behalf of natsprizzle Version 3

Declined Appeals

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