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Moderator/admin Abuse
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Angry Moderator/admin Abuse - 09-30-2013, 08:36 AM

Hello, my name is Zapdos2g, many of you might know of me/have seen me around runetaria. I am making this thread to discuss some abuse that two players (one admin and one moderator). I will not say the names of these two players as they might be hiding after realising some of the horrific things that they have said, not only about me but about my religion also. Now, when i say 'about my religion' i mean Muslim. I am a Muslim, and have been ever since i was born. The abuse came from Googleslayer and Chicken Wing andd was directed at me (zapdos2g) and a good friend of mine (who is also a muslim) (You Gimp). In this chat screenshot (cf7b67b9999897acc6647fbb2aa1c8bd.png), you can clearly see that Googleslayer was calling me a 'retard' when all i was doing was asking him for some help to train my abilities. I am in no way a retard and i take great offence to that considering i have spent my last 4 years in a Ed Support unit at a local highschool, taking care of the kids and also helping to educate them about the wonderful thing called life. Then they went on to call my good friend (You Gimp) who is a queen of runeteria a 'faggot' (47ba31af08e91627d580888dd9fdf964.png). Now, because we are both muslim and come from Egypt, we both take great offence to this. Because if we were both 'faggots' then we would be prosecuted by law and by the government of iraq, for example Cairo 52 (which was a gay nightclub called the 'queen boat' in which 52 openly homosexual men were arrested and served up to 2 years in jail). Now the third and final chat-log that i will submit is this (23c7154c34f952b751b698b4ff22dc55.png). In this chat-log you see the moderator by the name of Chicken Wing calling us both 'shit faces'. I, myself know for a fact that someone has never shat in my face before and i am interperating 'shit faces' as a racist remark because of my skin color. Now people who are in charge of this wonderful runescape server called Silabgarza, please do not take this lightly, me and my religion and race have been greatly offended by these remarks. Please deal with these two moderators/admins accordingly. Thankyou for your time,

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Default 09-30-2013, 01:20 PM

Let me tell you my side of the story.

First of all, you asked to be jailed, for what ever reason that may be. Normally I don't do that, but you asked nicely.

When you arrived at jail, you immediately ask me to unjail you, which I didn't, you asked for the jail, and besides, it was only 1 ore. After abusing report abuse a couple of times, even after a warning, I had enough and unjailed you. Then AGAIN you asked me to take you back to jail to mine your ores. So I xteletome you in jail, with the freedom to teleport out.

Then you started getting annoying. You were asking me were you could find a bronze pickaxe, and after completely ignoring my help I indeed said you were a retard. I was tired of your trolling around.

And besides, neither I or Chicken Wing were aware of you being a Muslim, and thinking that calling you a shitface was racisme, is just assuming we're on about your religion/skincolor.

Also, the law of Iraq doesn't count in America.

I hope I can speak for both of us. @Chicken Wing

Next time you consider making a report, think of what you did yourself first, and then start accusing others.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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Moderator/admin Abuse

Declined Reports

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