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Make Money Guide
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Default Make Money Guide - 02-16-2012, 04:15 AM

You will be a billioner if you follow this guide!!!!!

First shot:

You can make a lot of money using thieving.

Level 1 : You have to pickpocket mans or womens.
Location: Warrock
Level 5: Baker's Stall.You click on Baker's Stall when your level arrive at 5.When you get cake from the Baker's Stall you must sell it to Rewards Guardian, its near the stall.
Level 20: Silk Stall

Level 36: Fur stall

Level 50: Silver Stall

Level 65: Spice Stall

Level 75: Gem Stall

Follow this suggestions then you will see that you will be very rich.

Another guide to make money:

This time you have to kill


Must have 90+ str
Must have 90+ def
Must have 90+ att
And of course 99 hp.

I will send you now to the WYVERNS!

Location :
For non donators its to ::wyverns

And for donators there's the special place ::dzone

When you kill wyverns you might get:

Dragon claws (750m-1B)
Vesta's Chain body (150-200m)
Vesta's Plateskirt(150-200m)
Vesta's Long sword(200-250m)
Vesta's Spear(50-100m)
Statius's Full Helm (100-150m)
Statius's Platebody (150-200m)
Statius's Platelegs (170-200m)
Statius's Warhammer (100-150m)
Zuriel's Hood (20-70m)
Zuriel's Robe Top (50-100m)
Zuriel's Robe Bottom (20-80m)
Zuriel's Staff (15-30m)
Morrigan's Coif (20-70m)
Morrigan's leather body (50-100m)
Morrigan's leather chaps (70-100m)


Suggestions : I will just suggest where you should fight.

Level 1 clue:
Location : Every monster under level 40
Reward's :
Black full helm (t)
Black platebody (t)
Black platelegs (t)
Level 2 clue:
Location: The monsters with level 50-100
Reward's :
Adamant full helm (t)
Adamant platebody (t)
Adamant platelegs (t)
Adamant plateskirt (t)
Adamant kiteshield (t)
Adamant full helm (g)
Adamant platebody (g)
Adamant platelegs (g)
Adamant plateskirt (g)
Adamant kiteshield (g)
Black headband
Brown headband
Red headband
Black boater
Blue boater
Green boater
Orange boater

Clue level 3:
Location : Monsters 110 cb+ like wyverns, hellhounds etc.
Reward's :
3rd age full helm
3rd age platebody
3rd age platelegs
3rd age kiteshield
3rd age mage hat
3rd age robe top
3rd age robe
3rd age range coif
3rd age range top
3rd age range legs
3rd age vambraces
Rune full helm (t)
Rune platebody (t)
Rune platelegs (t)
Rune plateskirt (t)
Rune kiteshield (t)
Rune full helm (g)
Rune platebody (g)
Rune platelegs (g)
Rune plateskirt (g)
Rune kiteshield (g)
Gilded full helm
Gilded platebody
Gilded platelegs
Gilded plateskirt
Gilded kiteshield
Pirate's hat
Top hat

If you need help with clues you go to

Next : GWD!

Suggestions :
You must be level 80+
Str 90+
Def 90+
Att 90+
Prayer 70+
Location : ::gwd
What you should do : What you should do its to kill 30 of hobgoblins.
Get in inventory 5 prayer pots, 2 str pots, and food.
When you kill 30 of them you go to this door.

You click that and you choose to what monster you want to go.
There's 4 monsters, Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak and Armadyl.

Bandos drops:

Bandos tassets
Bandos godsword
Bandos boots
Bandos plate
Bandos scimitar

Saradomin drops:

Saradomin platebody
Saradomin platelegs
Saradomin full helm
Saradomin kiteshield
Saradomin godsword
Saradomin sword

Zamorak drops:

Zamorak platebody
Zamorak platelegs
Zamorak full helm
Zamorak kiteshield
Zamorak godsword
Dragon staff

Armadyl drops:

Armadyl helmet
Armadyl body
Armadyl legs
Armadyl godsword

If you follow this suggestion to make money you will be very rich from their drops.

And of course if you aren't sure for the prices of the items, there's the link to look them:

I wish i help'd you.

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Default 02-16-2012, 06:59 AM

Eh, I guess. These things seem to be in every guide though.
I'd change the colour of the text for level 2 clue scrolls as it's hard to see

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Default 02-16-2012, 10:45 AM

Maybe add how zerkers should make money? lol...
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Make Money Guide

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