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How to Make a Thread.
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Default How to Make a Thread. - 03-11-2012, 04:45 PM

So I've decided I'm going to make a guide on creating threads.
Hopefully some people read this, and we'll have more interesting threads on the forums.
I'll try to split this up for you in different contents, so here goes.

Table of Contents.

-Open/ introduction.
-General Stuff.


Believe it or not, the title of your thread is very important.
If the title of your thread is ''Omfg my ags'' not a single fuck will be given, and nobody will even bother opening your thread.

On the other hand, if the title to your thread is along the lines of (let's use the previous example, you lost an ags due to an ingame lagg) ''In-game lag - Help''

This will make your thread a lot more appealing, since you are being serious, calm and mature in your title alone.

So yes, the title is really important, try thinking about how you can change the words in your title around, or how you can tl;dr your topic in a title, and yet make it appealing.

Opening/ Introducing.

This is perhaps the most vital part of having your entire thread read.
If you start by typing ''omg this server is shit, I quit'' nobody will bother finish reading what you have to say, and they might miss something important. They will probably not offer help or advice either, since you sound like a immature retard.

When you open your thread, start by shortly summarizing what the contents of the thread are, by that I don't mean make a table of contents for each thread, but shortly describing the topic.
Here's an example:
I'm really dissapointed in the staff at the moment, it's the fourth time I've asked for help and they won't respond to my private messages.

As you can see, the above example is; a) legible b) reasonable c) not full of retard.
If you open your topic like so, the reader will want to know what happened, what caused you to need to gain a response from the staff members, and they will most definatly read the remainder of the thread.

The body of the thread isn't perhaps the most vital, but it's important to get everything right.
In the body of the thread, you should try to keep the ''story'' in order, don't change what you're talking about in every line, e.g;
So today I was walking to school, when I saw this really cute girl.
I can't understand what people dislike about me, is it my hair?
Anyways, so I went up to this girl and started talking to her.
Pineapples, pears and apples.

You see this is very confusing for the reader, they want to be able to connect one sentence to the next.
Try to keep some kind of flow in what you're saying, e.g:
So today I was walking to school and I saw this really cute girl.
I went up and started talking to her, and she randomly blurted out pineapples.
I laughed for a little bit and said pears, which made her smile.
We're going for coffee on tuesday, it'll be my first date with a stranger, any advice?

Another thing that's really important, but not the easiest thing to do, is to keep the details limited but not too limited.
People aren't going to give a fuck about the color of your hair in a thread relating to your mod app, but what they will care about is how much you've been helping people ingame. Do try to include important details in the thread, and leave the bullshit out, otherwise we're going to lose interest.


This is where all the lazy people go straight away.
So it's important that you know how to make a good conclusion.
What to include in your conclusion:
-What the problem/ topic was.
-What your opinion was.
-What you think should be done (this varies from topic to topic.)

Basically, the conclusion is summing everything up, and perhaps leaving a sort of signature.
Example of a bad conclusion:
So I hope you learned your fucking lesson you whore.
Example of a good conclusion:
So I hope you know better than to rush me from now on, next time I won't give your items back.

(To be honest, the ''good'' example wasn't so good, but I think you catch the drift.)

General Stuff.
Punctuation, learn to fucking use it.
It really isn't that hard to put a , or a . in the right place, it's the same in every language (apart from like, mandarin or some shit.)

Spelling isn't that important when it comes to less important topics.
But if you're going to make a topic about politics, at least try to fucking spell right.

Using the right colors, sizes and fonts is a big plus.

Use sizes from 1-3, look for a font that's elegant, and try to use colors that don't cause blindness.

The edit button is a nifty little tool.
If you make a thread, and afterwards you realize that you made spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, or your thread looks like flying bunnies had sex all over it, click edit and fix that shit.

Hope this helps.

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Default 03-11-2012, 04:48 PM

You must be either really bored or sad to actually make this.

It's only a game, let people make their threads how they wanna, it anit gonna effect anyone really.
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Default 03-11-2012, 04:48 PM

Originally Posted by Skilla K? View Post
You must be either really bored or sad to actually make this.

It's only a game, let people make their threads how they wanna, it anit gonna effect anyone really.
Bored mainly, and tired of reading idiotic shit.
So you're going to judge me because I'm teaching?
There's a right and a wrong way to do things, what I'm saying is at least closer to being right than the illiterate retarded shit people post.

Last edited by caliban; 03-11-2012 at 04:57 PM.
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Default 03-11-2012, 04:49 PM

Didn't read cuz I know how to make a thread.

But nice, it should help nubs.

Like Marco and others.

Last edited by I NIGA; 03-11-2012 at 04:52 PM.
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Default 03-11-2012, 04:52 PM

Even though I would like to see threads wrote properly and maturely, but this is a RSPS and when people get pissed off about something that involves the game or another player, they will NEVER be mature about it.
You do make good points, like the title and such. I'm mainly like that, if the title looks like it's just a rage thread or something that is likely going to be stupid, I don't open it. But eh, different strokes for different folks.

Cookie for your bored effort. Plus I like you, you're a decent member.

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How to Make a Thread.

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