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Default Mod Application - 09-25-2009, 11:01 PM

Name: Kevin
Age: 15
Username: Brix Laff

How long have you played SilabGarza: I don't really "play" the server, I've just been part of the community for a very long time. I know a couple of the more newer members might not know me, but I've known Gir before the server was even made.

Do you have any coding experience: Yes, I have coding EXPERIENCE. I've played with Flash and HTML, but I'm not good at either one of them. I have to say I'm most skilled in Java (not saying I am, just stating that it's the only computer language I'm good at)

I really dislike applications that don't show proof, so if anyone wants to see that I know java, you can just go on my server, no, joking xD. But yeah, I'm guessing half of the forums already saw the Summoning show-off (me, Dean, and Gir worked on that)

Also, HTML and Flash are really basic language, I just haven't given either one of them a lot of though due to the patience I have nowadays. More or less, neither of these are required for a moderator.
Have you been in a staff position on any other server, if so, which server:
I've been admin on this server 3 times, mod 1 time, admin on PK X Scape 2 times, mod 1 time, Co-Owner/Coder of Crazy-Pkz and D0ntcryscape, Admin on **********, Co-Owner on Highscape and Owner on Linxscape and NotoriousPK.

How would you handle an SYI/Spammer:
Obviously, I already know the server is protected against multi IPs. I saw a post on Gir bragging about how he fixed Allgofree bot IP changing etc, on this server. However, spammers are one thing that servers like this are chained too. It's fairly simple to kick/jail a spammer, but if they go beyond the term where they know it's too much, I'll IPmute them.

Do you follow the server AND forum rules:
I'm going tell the truth, NO. I don't abide by the rules and I know lots of players here who don't. A private server should be giving players freedom like how Runescape does.

This is one reason why private servers today, do not make any progress in their community at all. If a player was to flame a staff member on a private server, it's literally an auto-ban. However, in Runescape, it's much more easier to get away with things and that's what makes the community more satisfying.

What is the capital of Egypt:
Cairo, this should be changed, I find it idiotic how you ask for a "bot-detector" or "google-baiter" etc. to test the players. Honestly, no one explains in their application that they used fucking google, or looked at another application to copy this.

Using atleast 50 words, describe why you think you should be a moderator:
I don't think I should be a moderator, because then I'd be aiming for the wrong direction. On this server, I want the same respect I have on other servers that I managed/became a staff member on. Everyone knows the sweet feeling of that and enjoys every second of it.

The forums is also one thing that the server continues to improve on. We've gone from invisionfree, to MyBB, and then to Vbulletin. Which I think is a huge accomplishment for Gir.

I myself, am a HUGE forums freak, and I am on my iTouch more than I am on my computer. Which gives me the opportunity to become more active on the forums.

I also want to improve the actual vB plugins and style. I don't want this application to be dull so I'll give my own biased opinion on the current style.
  • The threads aren't organized the way people would expect them to be.
  • The Greenfox, bluefox, and redfox skins are just way too common, go for something different.
  • The crowns are originally created by Rune-Server, and although I already use them on my forums, if a new player realizes it on a server like this, they'll automatically think it's a huge copy off.
  • There aren't any sectional mods, if I stand corrected, every moderator on the forums is a super mod.
  • The admins on the forums take no advantage over their rank, just make it appear as a mod crown.
  • The post new thread thing is just messed up, I've never seen one that's looked like this kind before, fix it.


I know lots of you know I haven't been active to the community for the past month or so, but this is only because I've played like 4 different versions of this server with 3 resets. Lots of you would agree that you wouldn't want to rework on your account 3 times again and again. Which is why, the only older players who stayed are staff. I don't know who has the right mind to be that addicted to the server.

But since Gir hooked me up with some things, I decided to become more active, talk with the players, make videos, go around the forums, etc.

However, whenever I've been given something to do/or have on a task, I begin to become more involved with it.

Real Life:
I don't bother with stereotypes, and neither should any of the other bilingual members on the server should. I'm asian, and when I've been called a chink, or small-penis, doesn't really bother me.

Also, many of the older members might know Nate or I Rapid I, he's african american, and what makes us so close is the similarities we have. In which case we both know that there are people out there who just can't withstand your race's sexiness.

Also, I was sponsored for a short while by Active Board, but I moved a year and a half ago and there's only like 3 Active shops near me, which take at least 45 minutes to drive to, so yeah.

I live somewhat in LA, and REALLY close to Gir. Actually, I've been to the city where Gir lives, and as weird as it sounds, to this day, I've still been searching for his home address.

Last thing about my real life, I'm 15, and I get out of school at 2 o'clock Pacific time, but it takes me 30 minutes to talk with my friends, get a carpool, and then get on the computer. But for the rest of the day, my schedule is fairly planned out.

3-5 Homework
5-6 School Skate Park (Yeah, I'm grateful for this x100)
5-8 Computer
8-11 Finish up whatever I don't have done

At a point, I lost admin on this server because I left for another Private-server for personal reasons. It wasn't until then that I realized that it's much more comforting to be Admin on someone else's server rather than your own.

Where I stand in my life, and what I do, is rather fascinating. My parents always told my teachers that I was special, despite my average grades. I take a stroll around my park thinking of things like,"What is it like to not be me?" Or "Why am I the one controlling this body?" etc. This is why I suit most of the requirements for mod. My brain is always interacting, and I know what's best for the server, players, and myself.

Coding is one thing I ask for help from Travis, rather than him asking for help from myself. Me and Travis (Gir) have known each other for a period of time, and have been good friends. I cannot recall a time we had an argument with one another.

OT: I know it doesn't seem fair that I've had this much cooperation with the server and owner, but we are given chances through life everyday. Later on, you realize when someone shows mercy, you get 1 step closer to your purpose. My purpose on the computer is to create a virtual community fun for everyone. Which is why I made a private server and wish to begin where it all started.


Ways you can contact me:
I don't give out my Myspace to random people I don't know, but if I've known you long enough, I'll tell you my URL
My MSN: [email protected]
My AIM: kevinsaysgtfo (I'm barely on)
My Gmail: [email protected]
My Hotmail: [email protected] -same as MSN
My Youtube:
Ingame Username: Brix Laff
Rune-Server forums Account: irKevin

What I don't use anymore/or don't have
Runescape Account
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Default 09-25-2009, 11:35 PM

totally. yes.

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Default 09-25-2009, 11:46 PM

Cba to read it but yes.

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Default 09-26-2009, 04:36 AM

Sure why not. If ur gunna do an app that frekin long u must rly want it alot lol

Slipknot Emo dude is here!


Thanks megatron for the sig!

Thanks Shaun/r4p1dzz for this epic sig!!!!

Ty Caliban / The Duck for this sexy sig!!
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Default 09-26-2009, 07:54 AM

Thanks, appreciate the support.
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Default 09-28-2009, 04:19 AM

how long did it take u
So ****ing long
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