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Symmetric Chaos - Timezone Guide
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Default Symmetric Chaos - Timezone Guide - 01-16-2013, 10:23 AM

This guide is only for Symmetric Chaos Members, if any other clans wish to link to my timezone guide, Please ask me first.

GMT is basically UTC, but because GMT is usually used in my country, i'll be using the term GMT, just keep in mind GMT = UTC
If you are trying to find out when an event is holding place, then you usually have to check your timezone (Timezone list further down).

For example if the event is held at 8 pm GMT and you live in the eastern standard time, then the event will be held at 3 pm YOUR TIME.

A simple math formula

X = Time when the event is being held
Y= Your time


Timezone List:

GMT +14 Line Islands Time
GMT +13 West Samoa Time, Phoenix Island Time, Tokelau Time
GMT +12.75 Chatham Island Standard Time
GMT +12 Anadyr Time, Magadan Time, Kamchatka Time, New Zealand Standard Time, Fiji Time, Tuvalu Time, Gilbert Island Time, Marshall Islands Time, Wallis and Futuna Time
GMT +11.5 Norfolk Time
GMT +11 Vladivostok Time, Solomon IslandsTime, Pohnpei Standard Time, Vanuatu Time, New Caledonia Time
GMT +10.5 Lord Howe Standard Time
GMT +10 Yakutsk Time, Eastern Standard Time, Chamorro Standard Time, Papua New Guinea Time, Yap Time
GMT +9.5 Central Standard Time
GMT +9 Irkutsk Time, Japan Standard Time, Korea Standard Time, East Timor Time, Eastern Indonesian Time, Palau Time
GMT +8 Brunei Darussalam Time, China Standard Time, Hong Kong Time, Philippine Time, Krasnoyarsk Time, Malaysia Time, Singapore Time, Ulaanbaatar Time, Central Indonesian Time, Western Standard Time
GMT +7 Hovd Time, Indochina Time, Omsk Standard Time, Western Indonesian Time, Christmas Island Time
GMT +6.5 Myanmar Time, Cocos Islands Time
GMT +6 Alma-Ata Time, Bangladesh Standard Time, Bhutan Time, Kyrgyzstan Time, Novosibirsk Time, Yekaterinburg Time, Indian Chagos Time
GMT +5.75 Nepal Time
GMT +5.5 India Standard Time
GMT +5 Aqtobe Time, Maldives Time, Pakistan Standard Time, Tajikistan Time, Turkmenistan Time, Uzbekistan Time, French Southern and Antarctic Time
GMT +4.5 Afghanistan Time,
GMT +4 Moscow Standard Time, Kuybyshev Time, Samara Time, Mauritius Time, Reunion Time, Seychelles Time, Armenia Time, Azerbaijan Time, Georgia Standard Time, Gulf Standard Time
GMT +3.5 Iran Standard Time
GMT +3 Eastern Africa Time, Arabia Standard Time,
GMT +2 Eastern European Time, Central Africa Time, South Africa Standard Time, Israel Standard Time
GMT +1 Central European Time, Irish Standard Time, West Africa Time
GMT Greenwich Mean Time, Western European Time, Western Sahara Standard Time
GMT -1 Azores Time, East Greenland Time
GMT -2 Fernando de Noronha Time
GMT -3 Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time, West Greenland Time, Argentina Time, Brasília time, French Guiana Time, Suriname Time, Uruguay Time
GMT -3.5 Newfoundland Standard Time
GMT -4 Atlantic Standard Time, Amazon Time, Bolivia Time, Chile Standard Time, Falkland Island Time, French Guiana Time, Paraguay Time
GMT -4.5 Venezuelan Standard Time
GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time, Cuba Standard Time, Colombia Time, Ecuador Time, Peru Time
GMT -6 Central Standard Time, Easter Island Standard Time, Galapagos Time
GMT -7 Mountain Standard Time
GMT -8 Pacific Standard Time, Pitcairn Standard Time
GMT -9 Alaskan Standard Time, Gambier Time
GMT -9.5 Marquesas Time
GMT -10 Hawaiian Standard Time, Tahiti Time, Cook Island Time
GMT -11 Niue Time, Samoa Standard Time


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Default 01-16-2013, 02:30 PM

Thanks for sharing "dude".
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Symmetric Chaos - Timezone Guide


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