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Survey Results
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Default Survey Results - 05-12-2013, 07:12 PM

Well, I figured I'd let you guys know a few of the poll results. If you recognize that your own survey entry was used, you have the choice to keep it anonymous or not. I only know a few of the people that did it, and that's because they posted on the thread directly after they filled out the survey.

Anyways, onto the results. I removed a few of the fields because they're more personal questions.

How are you finding your experience in the clan?What is your current stance on the staff team?How do you feel about the current state of the clan, and what can we do to improve your experience?Do you have any further suggestions?Do you have anything else to say in reference to our clan?
Atm my experience in the clan is going well, id love to see more active members in game and on the forums but can't ask for much.I think the current staff team is okay, but i would like to see more of them active ingame also. Hard to judge when you hardly see them around SG.I think the current state of the clan is just fine. Everything seems to be in order and maybe one day we will be back to how W.I.N. used to be.No i do not.  
Good I guess, haven't had anything like events or whatnot yet though, nothing that catches people's attentions but it's fine.Fine I guess, atm all they can do is accept/decline apps until we start the branches though.It's fine, let's starting hittin every1 up with events. get some attention grabbing things going on that are server wide
I don't see much communication in-game as there is on the forums, would be nice to see some people communicating with everyone else rather than just the forums.I think it could be improved like as a clan yeah you should have higher members, but they should be also capable of playing with everyone and see them as equals.Don't rush so much to kick someone from the clan for being inactive on forums, if you know they play and maybe they are not on for a few days people have lives outside of silabgarza and honestly, i worry more in game than on forums.Do more little events and instead of just doing expensive items as loots do some skilling items to provide a much wider form of payment and excitement the game isnt always about killing people you know.This clan could become something greater than it already has if we all work together to achieve it.
Fun so far, already about to participate in the stake event. Loving it, looks like this clan has a bright future."Staff team is excellent, Go Trent 'n Ash10!Haven't had one problem so far, have had a few laughs out of some of the posts. Great clan, just keep it up.Nothing at all. 

If you, for some reason (since it's anonymous), want your entry removed from the table, PM me and I'll rid the table of it. Thanks to everyone that took the time to fill out the survey, and I hope we can do it again in the future.
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Survey Results


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