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Reload this Page Five Thousands Posts?!?

Five Thousands Posts?!?
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<span style="color: darkorange">Hello.</span>
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Default Five Thousands Posts?!? - 04-12-2014, 06:10 PM

Holy friggin shit Mike. Taken me 134 days online time, but I've finally hit 5k posts. Here's to hoping I'll get 10k before the end of this lifetime.

Thanks Lizzy. ^
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Default 04-12-2014, 06:12 PM


Gratz on 5000 post though, that's an insane amount! <3 I'll be there with you soon enough

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Default 04-12-2014, 06:54 PM

Damn nice Dom gl on 10k

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Zainahmed is Offline
<span style="color: cornflowerblue">#F°rumsSwag</span>
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Default 04-12-2014, 06:58 PM

Gz on 5k, you will not get to 10k before me, nty.

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Fearless Noah is Offline
<span style="color: black">Victoria est dulcis.</span>
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Default 04-12-2014, 08:01 PM

Congrats on 5K, that's a pretty nice milestone.
I'm perfectly contempt with me fire capes, tbh.
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Ashton is Offline
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Default 04-12-2014, 08:04 PM


u hit 4 yrs on forusmsda 2 days agol 2

u ebfeat m etoo it
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Default 04-12-2014, 08:46 PM

Originally Posted by Fearless Noah View Post
Congrats on 5K, that's a pretty nice milestone.
I'm perfectly contempt with me fire capes, tbh.
fire capes are for noobs.

OT: Congratulations on the 5k posts!

Promoted 1/25/13
X-Mod 1/25/14
People only remember how you start and how you finish
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Perroke is Offline
#stay strong
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Default 04-13-2014, 12:58 AM

Congratulations on 5k posts Dom!
Gl on more.

My Goals

[x] 5500 posts
[x] 6000 posts
[x] 6500 posts
[x] 7000 posts
[] 7500 posts
[] 8000 posts


Big thanks to Opacity!
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Default 04-13-2014, 01:06 AM

gzz man
gl on 10k

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Karma4Life is Offline
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Default 04-13-2014, 09:05 AM

Gz on 5k posts!

Wasn't me?...
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Five Thousands Posts?!?

Goals/Achievements (archive)

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