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Best JailBroken Applications
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Default Best JailBroken Applications - 08-09-2010, 04:04 PM

I have made this thread on another forum and realised some people on here have itouches so i am copying and pasting ti from where i made it

I know some of these you may know about but some others might not. So just try to find one you don't know about or have.

These applications are all Free in cydia!!!

1. Winterboard - Lets you change the background behind your apps. (Download New ones in Cydia) (Awesome Winterboard Theme - BlueBird)

2. Installous - This one cannot be find normally, go to manage->sources->edit->add then add this source "" This application can get you free applications in the app store. Try to pick the download sites that you know, like mediafire, 2shared, rapidfire, etc. If you don't find any you know try or
(NOTE: Some applications may not work, if so try another download)
(NOTE: Make sure you install your application under downloads)
(NOTE: Don't close Installous when you are downloading/installing an app

3. SBSettings - This app will let you slide down at the top of your iphone/itouch/ipad and give you more options like restart,shut down, sleep and if you go to more you can add a battery percentage for itouches.

4. 5 icon dock/6 icon dock/Infinidock - I think you know what these do but incase you don't these let you have 5 icons or 6 icons or infinite amount on your dock.
(NOTE:To get Infinidock for free look below)
(NOTE: if you have one of them downloaded the other one will not work)

5. dTunes - Lets you get free music/movies.

6. Open SSH - Lets you edit your games and basically hack them, watch video's on how to.

7. Categories - adds folders, great for low pages and keeps you organized.

8. Fontswap - changes the font on your Itouch,Iphone, or Ipad.

9. Android Lock - Great to show off, 3x3rows of dots you connect, amazing to use.

10. Quickscroll2 - makes your scroll bar bigger, great for big pages.

11. Insomnia - When logging on or downloading with installous your Itouch,Iphone, Ipad can sleep and still log in or download!!

12. Lockdown - password protect certain applications! (Great for those porn apps > that's right I know)

13. Backgrounder - This Cydia applications lets you run multiple apps and be able to go back to them! This is a multi-taskers Dream!

14. MyWi - One of the most useful apps available! This let's you make your own 3g connection wherever you go! You can get connection on your xbox 360,wii, or ps3 with this! Even computers with wireless internet!

15. BossPaper - this changes your background paper (the one you get with winterboard) and it changes when you want it to, you can even set a time!

16. Infiniboard - Yes i said i wouldn't do these because you had to pay, well i found out how to get them for free finally! This app lets you have as many apps as you want on one page! great for pages for certain things.
(NOTE: Look below on how to get infiniboard for free!)

17. vwallpaper - This application lets you have video wallpaper. Great if you like watching a cool wallpaper of maybe new york with some moving cars and lights.

18. cydelete - This application is a life saver if you need to do stuff quickly and efficiently. This lets you delete cydia applications without opening cydia and going to delete it that way. It takes a bit longer to delete than you would with appstore apps. But it could save your life if you somehow needed to delete an application quickly for your life!?

19. iRealQuickSMS - This application can save people so much time if they have a texting application. With this application you can reply to a text no matter where you are! you can play a game and if you get a text you can reply right there without having to close your game at all!
(NOTE: This application is free if you add the source below!)

20. iBlackList - This application is for unwanted stalkers,ex-girlfriends,parents and more! You can personally block someones phone number if you have an IPhone.

21. OnTop - This is an application for when you're laying in the bed. It's a web browser without landscape mode so when your on the bed browsing the internet it doesn't go to landscape and annoy you!

22. Icy - This is an alternative cydia! Way faster than the origional. Nothing more to really say about this. So why are you reading this? Just go to the next one while i sing a song. Never ganna give you up! never ganna let you down! never ganna run around and desert you! Get Rick Roll'd

23. MobileTheatre - This application lets you watch your favorite TV Shows! Great for those episodes that are never on anymore.

24. Veency - You can control your itouch/iphone/ipad from your computer! So thats how those sneeky bastards make video's of the applications. (NOTE: Your must have the Veency Download on Your PC Download Below)

25. Five Column Springboard - Instead of having four columns of application. This application will let you have Five Columns! Also helps if you have special applications, just like InfiniBoard

26. WbApp - This one is great for the people liking to change their background with WinterBoard. This will let you preview an application before you have to install it!!

27. MakeItMine - Check it out, I know you'll like it. Basically it lets you change the words at the top of your itouch/iphone/ipad

28. iBroke - Give your friends a little scare! Pick one of the options slide the screen, you'll see the default settings, click an app, and Oh noes! Its broken!

I will update this post as i find more useful Cydia Apps

If you found any of these useful don't forget to hit the thanks button and +Rep! Remember it doesn't lower yours!^_^

I take suggestions!

To get paid cydia apps for free add the source

How to use Veency: . [youtube][/youtube]
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Default 08-09-2010, 05:56 PM

hmm nice i was going to add something like this to my guide, anyways i recommed you add
the best sms application
iFile also is like ssh but no pc needed.
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Best JailBroken Applications


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