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Reload this Page Girl problems, help some niggas out.

Girl problems, help some niggas out.
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Default Girl problems, help some niggas out. - 11-09-2014, 06:01 AM

I'm not one to get emotional, so you get to see a special side of me for the time being. Oh, I'm already starting to feel entirely too exposed. Since we have a classical case of Dr. Phils' throughout these boards, I thought I'd utilize your existence in helping to aid my own personal problems. So, let's drop a little back-story on you... mainly since I've got two things I'd like to talk about.

Now, the first thing I needed to talk about was a friend of mine's issue. His name is Tyler, and he's my best friend. Granted, he hates computers, despises video games, and has always had much better "game" than I have; we've been best friends for years, and this may be our last year together before we truly end up at separate colleges. He's currently a freshman in college, and I'm a sophomore in college. Now, we argue all of the time about useless shit, it's a constant stream of sarcasm and literal shit-talking between us... just as best friends should; however, there's one specific topic that's pretty dicey to talk about, even for us. So, he met a girl about... seven, or eight years ago. Her name is Madi. It went really well for them at first, it was almost like an instant connection, and they were literally a dream team. As things started to fade between them, they eventually broke ways, and she ended up dating my other friend Luke. Regardless, Luke and her ended up dating for years, and she actually had a child with him. Tyler's in love though, so not many things would stop him from being with Madi, it's near the point of just being plain stupid to continue trying to be with her. I've argued for ages that she's just not the one, that something better will come along, and that even though her and Luke split up, he doesn't want to have to deal with someone else's kid living under his roof, or the emotional wreck of a mother she'd be right now.

He's pretty consistent though, he loves her. Granted, he doesn't really know what it's like to love due to his excessive need to lie and manipulate people; I guess there's a reason we're best friends. Oh well, I just wanted your opinion on their relationship. Is it really as ridiculous as I make it out to be, or am I just being too overprotective of my friend?

Now, my personal situation. I got mixed up with this girl about seven or eight years ago as well, her name is Taylor. She's lovely as can be, but sometimes she can be a real bitch. We stopped talking for years, literally, years. I don't know if she likes me now that we're talking again, and it's been basically just snapchat and drunken text messages. I forgot to mention a lot of basis on this story, so let's broaden the horizons a bit. She was undoubtedly my first love, and when I say love, I mean I've loved her without fail for years now, and maybe she's made some mistakes - shit, so have I - but she's always been the one I would do anything for. Any who, she knows how much I care for her, but she still just takes pure advantage of that love, and basically throws it away. She's either always stressed, or tired, or just upset with her life. I honestly don't know how much I can handle it. It's like she's changed, and I don't know what to expect about that, because it's at times that I can see her come back through her shell, and see the Taylor that I've always been in love with... and now there's this empty shell. It's like all of the good things about her have been sucked just about completely dry. Should I continue pursuit? I really want to, but sometimes you need to think about yourself first.

-- I need some serious opinions here because I'm seriously fucked in understanding what I should possibly do right now. Give me some advice. For the first time in perhaps my entire life, I need it.

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Default 11-09-2014, 06:58 AM

tell her how she feels, if she doesnt acknowledge your feels then summer slam her feels with the cheeky block on every social media site that you have her on and ignore her

you'll eventually forget about her and it'll be for the best

then find some new ladies to distract yourself with that aren't cooked in the head

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Default 11-09-2014, 07:20 AM

ur asking for help with girls from people whose only experience of girls is the people they wank over.

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Default 11-09-2014, 07:40 AM

1st story is scary as shit for me. It sounds like it's been literally ripped from my life into another... it's a stupidly hard situation and i personally don't know if I should even be involving myself in mine, so I cant really speak for you on yours.

2nd one is one I'm going to speak about from experience.
I spent years going after this one girl constantly flirting and being whipped in general for her and in the end I guess it 'paid' off and I got her. But it turned out to me that it was ore of an infatuation with wanting what I could have and waiitng so long to get it.

All I'm trying to say (poorly) is that say you got her to be with you... that stress, tiredness and general bitchyness will be your downfall. Because the lust wears off after a while and you'll see her for the true person she is.

This is just my two cents... your experience may be different but just take it into consideration and apply it to your own context.

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Girl problems, help some niggas out.


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