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How to win in online-casino
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Default How to win in online-casino - 10-27-2010, 09:39 AM

Lately without realizing I have got habit to make small stake in an on-line-casino once a week. It is necessary to say that virtual gambling fully satisfies me - supply of invigorating emotions reasonable risk, minimum stakes, solid winnings as compared to deposits.

I know that many can say that winning in an online-casino is complete nonsense. There is a stereotype that software software platforms of online-casino was initially developed to benefit a casino.

Whatever whoever may say, it doesn’t prevent me from weekly winning snatching a large sum about $40-50. At the same time, I have always been in a plus totally for 3 months.

Let’s proceed to the facts to personal experience .

I have got solid long experience of a gambler in usual casinos. Sometimes I even played made stakes in the LA casino.

It will be more faithful to say that I even lost in LA for a couple of times.

However, due to these losses I understood realized the law of large numbers. This law works simply in the casino clearly - it is needed only to create conditions for visitors players not to leave tables and slot-machines making stakes as long as possible.

Considering the theory of probability, in such a case any chance to be lucky will be simply eliminated unrealizable.

Entrapped by attracting atmosphere of casinos, by pleasant music, polite personnel, free drinks of gambling establishment I could play spend money 24 hours.

It is interesting that at first at the beginning I was always in pluses. However for a week of the game I lost spent everything I came with.

In general, as far as I understood, the basic profit of casino is money of lost unlucky persons.

There is no place for chances in the casino interior, manner of intercourse of employees with clients, internal rules of gambling establishment. All is directed at one aim - to retain players for a long time for them to part with money with comfort.

At the same time, on-line-casinos do not have possibilities to slightly push a player to hasty spending in a hidden way indirectly.

Playing making a couple of stakes in an online casino - I can go to have a bite, take a nap or go to a party.

The main rule the most important that I have mastered while playing in the on-line-casino is that it is not necessary to play one game for too long.

As soon as I see that I earned $10-20, I leave for other tables.

The roulette – cards - craps to play roulette, to play poker, playing slots for a couple of times- all is such a simple plain method that I use get a dose of adrenalin in network casinos.

Most frequently I visit online casinos - Online Casino .

These are simple casinos, without special fashionable frills. They attracted me with honesty of game and timely payments of winnings the incomes earned.

I do not trust the popular large gambling sites.

In my humble opinion, the casinos having millions clients can cheat by stealth fraud to cheat players.
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How to win in online-casino

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