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more slayer data
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Default more slayer data - 05-22-2014, 04:38 PM

1616 basilisk 
1993 crocodile
21 hero
1926 bandit
1338 dagannoth
1637 jelly
1154 kalphite soldier
941 green dragon
82 lesser demon

1626 turoth
6006 werewolves
1183 elf warrior
1624 dust devil
1991 possessed priests
83 greater demon 

2591 tzhaar-mej
1610 Gargoyle
1613 nechryael
49 hellhound
1615 abyssal demon
2604 tzhaar-xil
2610 tzhaar-ket
1155 kalphite guardian
3071 skeleton wyvern
2783 dark beast
2881 dagannoth supreme
2882 dagannoth prime 
2883 dagannoth rex 
5363 mithril dragon
50 kbd
6247 saradomin boss
6260 bandos general boss
6222 armadyl boss
6203 zammy boss
3200 chaos ele
5421 mutant tarn
3340 giant mole
1160 kalphite queen
175 corporeal beast
same format as old

notes: -- means NEW LINE
I am writing a 4 line thing--It will be very exciting and everyone--shall be impressed--with it
would show as...

I am writing a 4 line thing
It will be very exciting and everyone
shall be impressed
with it
			case 3: return "The typical male can be found around--Varrock and is no threat to humanity.";
			case 4: return "The typical female can be found around--Varrock and is no threat to humanity.";
			case 87: return "Giant rats can be found in the Varrcok--Sewers, careful they're filthy creatures.";
Thanks to @Agent & @Mircast for help with previous thread

right now difficulty determines amount, should there be a minimum?
Current amount determinations

Sometimes we just need a friend.
Someone to hold us when you can't stand.
Sometimes even to pretend like you matter for that split second that everything seems to be crashing down.
And sometimes it's just easier to say goodbye.

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Default 05-22-2014, 05:27 PM

  1. Basilisk
  2. Hellhound
  3. Corporeal Beast
  4. Crocodile
  5. Possessed Priests
  6. Mutant Tarn
  7. Abyssal Beast
  8. Werewolf
  9. Dark Beast
  10. Kalphite Guardian
  11. Kalphite Soldier
  12. Kalphite Queen
  13. Turoth
  14. Jelly
  15. Hero
  16. Dagannoth
  17. Dagannoth Supreme
  18. Dagannoth Prime
  19. Dagannoth Rex
  20. K'ril Tsutsaroth
  21. General Graador
  22. Kree'arra
  23. Commander Zilyana
  24. Chaos Elemental
  25. Giant Mole
  26. King Black Dragon
  27. Mithril Dragon
  28. Skeletal Wyvern
  29. Lesser Demon


case 1616: return "One glare may seal your fate.--Proceed with caution while on--the Slayer Tower's 2nd floor.";
case 49: return "Savage beasts from the maws of hell--that can be found at the inferno of ::train.";
case 175: return "The body of a beast of the Spirit Realm--that devours the souls of its victims.--Careful when treading in its domain!--::Corp";
case 1993: return "Don't get caught by their death rolls--unless you seek an early demise.--They reside by the Al Kharid oasis.";
case 1991: return "After being possessed by Amascut,--these priests seek nothing but blood.--Find them at the Camp Fire.";
case 5421: return "Beware of PKers!--This crazy, delinquent child wishes you nothing but pain.--Find him west of the wilderness Green Dragons.";
case 1615: return "These demons of an ancient race have--escaped from the Abyss and now reside on--the top floor of the Slayer Tower.";
case 6006: return "Sharp claws and powerful jaws are their weapons.--Find these men-turned-beast at Canifis.";
case 2783: return "Powerful beasts of another dimension known--for their involvement in the second God War.--Find them within the Slayer Tower. ";
case 1155: return "These loyal guardians of the Kalphite Queen are found--guarding the queen or the entrance to her lair.";
case 1154: return "Soldiers ready to give their lives to protect the Kalphite--hive from anyone or anything that dares to intrude.";
case 1160: return "Feared as one of strongest of Gielinor.--She will feast upon any who enters her lair found--at the lowest level of the Kalphite hive.";
case 1626: return "These peculiar beasts have crawled out from--the depths of the Fremennik Dungeon to take--refuge in the treacherous Slayer Tower.";
case 1637: return "The wobbly messes are no sights for sore eyes.--Slayer these gelatinous creeps in the Slayer Tower.";
case 21: return "Aside from being great swordsmen,--they are known for being Ardougne's strongest.";
case 1338: return "It's no mystery why the Fremenniks refer--to these fearsome sea beasts as Daggermouths.--Tread lightly while in the Dagannoth lair.";
case 2881: return "The King known for its powerful ranged attacks.--Protects the Dagannoth lair along with its brethren.";
case 2882: return "The King known for its devastating magic.--Protects the Dagannoth lair along with its brethren.";
case 2883: return "The King known for its bone-crushing melee attacks.--Protects the Dagannoth lair along with its brethren.";
case 6202: return "Once summoned by the Zamorakian Mahjarrat,--he now commands Zamorak's forces at the God Wars Dungeon.";
case 6260: return "Known as one of the last of the ourg race,--he now serves as the Big High War God's general--within the God Wars Dungeon;"
case 6222: return "He is the largest aviansie within the God Wars Dungeon--and is one of Armadyl's most reliable generals.";
case 6247: return "Chosen by the god of wisdom and light himself,--she leads the last of Saradomin's forces in God Wars Dungeon.";
case 3200: return "Beware of PKers!--This shrouded being can un-equip your gear and teleport you away.--It has taken over the Rouges' Castle.";
case 3340: return "This mother is ready to sink her claws into--any who attempts to hurt her babies.--The Falador park's underbelly is her home.";
case 50: return "Created by the ancient dragonkin race,--the three-headed king demands respect.--He's found in his lair entered via Wilderness.";
case 5363: return "Beware of PKers!--A metal-scaled dragon as powerful as the king--located by the Wilderness agility course.";
case 3071: return "Beware of PKers!--The skeleton of this wyvern is as powerful as ever.--They've run off to the Wilderness--::44s";
case 82: return "Beware of PKers!--Weaker than the greater demon, but strong nonetheless.--They've been caged in by ::44s.";

Let me know if these are fine.

EDIT: Be back to add more after some anime.

Last edited by Mr 223; 05-23-2014 at 05:50 PM.
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Brittany (05-26-2014)
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Default 05-23-2014, 09:44 AM

Originally Posted by Brittany View Post

right now difficulty determines amount, should there be a minimum?
Current amount determinations
I assume easy tasks to elite tasks as in low level to high bosses. if so>>

Easy tasks should be 1-125/140
Medium 1-80
Hard 1-40
Elite 1-20
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Brittany (05-26-2014)
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Default 05-24-2014, 08:30 AM

Elf Warrior
Dust Devil
Greater Demon
Green Dragon
case 1183: return "This warrior from the Elven Lands--will tear you apart--Fear his bow--Search the Monster Island."
case 1624: return "This beast sleeps in the Slayer Tower--Be cautious, it's no joke--a face mask might help."
case 83: return "Beware of PKers!--This beast resides in the deep wilderness--around the Ghorrock teleport--keep a close eye on your health."
case 2591: return  "Tzharr monsters are made of lava--this one will attack you with magic--find them in the Tzharr Cave."
case 1610: return "Located in the Monster Cave--these flying beasts will maul you--take your best gear--and prepare for the worst."
case 1613: return "Nechryaels are strange creatures--very tall, very strong--find them in the Slayer Tower."
case 2604: return "Tzharr monsters are made of lava--this one will attack you with range--find them in the Tzharr Cave."
case 2610: return "Tzharr monsters are made of lava--this one will attack you with melee--find them in the Tzharr Cave."
case 1926: return "These Al-Kharid guardians are no joke--Kill them quickly, as they will all--attack you at the same time--Find them in the Al-Kharid Plaza."
case 941: return "Beware of Pkers!--Found in the wilderness, North of ::PK -> Green Dragons--Take anti-dragonfire gear and prepare yourself for a deathmatch."
I think that's all of them.

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Brittany (05-26-2014)
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Default 05-25-2014, 07:48 AM

Dungeon rats say they are at varrock sewers when they are actually at ::train

Shit Happens...

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Default 05-26-2014, 12:37 AM

giant mole

case 3340 : return "This nigga here is some huge ass mole on some steroid shit --this nigga ass found under ::trade .";

adsense code2.3


more slayer data

Gen Chat (archive)

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