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Killian - Community Manager
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Default Killian - Community Manager - 11-02-2014, 12:34 PM


My name is Killian, i am the Community Manager for SilabGarza. After a long discussion with Gir and Brittany about what I have to offer and what I am capable of doing. We have to come an agreement and it's time to revive SilabGarza from the dead. Remember years back when it had 250+ players daily? well that's what we are aiming for again! we will work hard to get there and even better!

My responsibilities are as follows

- Cooperate with the community and the members of it.
- Take suggestions and forward them to Gir and Brittany.
- Provide member support.
- To take care of any concerns you may have.
- Make sure the community is stable and is in a clean environment.
- Make sure the staff members are doing their jobs etc...

And a few more things, so I do have a big responsibility. I will be making sure that everything is running smoothly and making sure that the community is avoiding any potential problems.

About myself

I live around the middle-east, i'm a 17 year old teenager. A senior in school. I have a few hobbies such as Football, Swimming, Basketball, and so on...however on my free time I focus on studying business and doing my school work of course. I've managed multiple websites and worked on many. I'm a straight forward person and easy to talk to. I get to the point right away, I'm also very outgoing and there is nothing to be shy or nervous about! this is why I am here to help SilabGarza and mostly you our precious members.

Future Plans

I've discussed with Brittany and Gir, what the plan is and we are still working on that. We will be carefully doing a evaluation and inspecting the community to see the flaws that are lying around so we can clean them up. Basically problems, which may include staff-inactivity, missing updates, outdated information, and so on...

We will be clearing all the problems and from there we will then push SilabGarza to a whole new level, to what it was in the past and even better! other than that we will start working and we will patch the issues, to ensure a stable and solid community.

Other Information

I'm a democratic type of person and I support democracy. So I do value your input and opinions to what we can do also to improve SilabGarza. I will also be replying to all the messages I receive, whether it's a suggestion, or a concern you have, i will always be replying.

Thank you,

- Community Manager

To answer your questions

Have you ever played SG before?

I've been visiting the community since 2011, checking how it's doing and browsing it from the inside and outside. I only played in game for an hour back in 2012.

How did you approach Brittany and Travis, or the other way around? How exactly do you advertise yourself?

I approached Travis in the community of rune-server and spoke to him about Silab, as Silab was much bigger in 2011. I offered him my help and spoke to him and Brittany in detail.

Will you have some sort of power in game or on forums?

I will be receiving a rank on forums, for ingame I am not quite sure.

Are you supposed to strictly execute your commands, or are you just a "middleman" in conflicts, suggestions, etc...?

I'm the Community Manager, basically my role is to take care of the community and make sure everything is running fine. Forums wise and in-game wise just to clarify that, covering the whole community. I will be of course participating in decisions and coming up with plans for SilabGarza. This includes suggestions and ideas, whether its from staff and players, take care of concerns that players may have, participate in staffing in the future and so on..

The previous coder bailed out because of this community, are you sure you can put up with the hate you'll more than definitely will get from non-adapting people?

I understand that I will be receiving hate, however I do not think the people have the right to judge when they haven't seen what I am capable of doing. I will do what I can to ignore the hate and ensure I execute my job correctly.

What experiences do you have, as a 17 year old, that puts you in a position to hold this role?

I've run my own RSPS around 2 years ago. I've also managed 7-8 Communities & Forums. I've worked with a few well known people and I can mention names if necessary with evidence. I also have 4+ years experience with forum work and other qualities. Back in 2013 I run a successful hosting business also.

In the past/now, what other video games have you played - what experience do you have w/ Runescape and other RSPS' ?

I've played Runescape for 6 years, since 2008. I do not play anymore at this moment though. I played tons of other RSPS's and I will not be mentioning names since that is considered as advertising. I've been staff also on top servers.

Other games I played or still play are CounterStrike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Team Fortress, and so on...

Why are you taking on a role like this in your senior year of high school?

Because in my free-time I have nothing to do. Doing such a job like this will increase my experiences & reputation in the RSPS industry and I will be achieving much more while doing something rather than nothing.

I denied to be payed, because I don't want any pay till I think I proved myself to the community Of SilabGarza.

Please if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. If I missed any of your questions, please notify me!

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Default 11-02-2014, 12:46 PM

Welcome to SG.

I'm glad to see that this is really going to happen and that you're doing something to help.

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Default 11-02-2014, 12:47 PM

Good Topic!
Good luck in your "New Rank". Do the best!

Maybe Silabgarza can back! We really want this!
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Default 11-02-2014, 12:48 PM

Originally Posted by Gta View Post
Welcome to SG.

I'm glad to see that this is really going to happen and that you're doing something to help.
Thank you man

I will do my best to make it happen really, i'm sure allot of people miss those times.

Originally Posted by King Rooh View Post
Good Topic!
Good luck in your "New Rank". Do the best!

Maybe Silabgarza can back! We really want this!
Thank you!
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Default 11-02-2014, 01:12 PM

Goodluck on your role to help SG!

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Default 11-02-2014, 01:17 PM

Good luck. I think you should have your own forum rank.
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Default 11-02-2014, 01:20 PM

Originally Posted by Dennisssq View Post
Good luck. I think you should have your own forum rank.
Thanks man.

Yeah I will be getting it soon!
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Default 11-02-2014, 01:48 PM

Welcome. I hope you have a big effect on the community and the game itself.

pce lads

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Default 11-02-2014, 02:21 PM

Interesting. Not sure how this is gonna work out seeing what happened to Keystroke but gl.

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Default 11-02-2014, 03:43 PM

Will probably end up like the others who came to help.
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Killian - Community Manager

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