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Default s to the u to the ggestions - 02-10-2017, 11:36 AM


For the PVM bois:

> make slayer ring have 4 teleport options

option 1: area of Ice strykewyrms
Info: Ice strykewyrm | RuneScape Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
method of killing: mage attacks

my thoughts on drop table:
Super rare: Ragefire, Steadfast, Glaiven boots
Rare: 50 red chins, 500 blood runes, 25 living minerals
Common: 50k - 80k coins, rune weps/armour, bones.

option 2: area of frost dragons
info: Frost dragon | RuneScape Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
method of killing: range attacks

my thoughts on drop table:
Super rare: dragonfire shield
Rare: 25x uncut noted dragonstones, 10 noted restores, dragon square shield, 30 rune knives
Common: 3 unnoted sharks, rune weps/armour, frost dragon bones

option 3: a teleport to chaos dwarfs coz running is for non americans and half the server doesnt know they exist

option 4: teleport to some random location with a npc that sells untradeable items for slayer points:
- void 1k points per piece (coz pest control in 2017 lul)
- dye kit for staff of light 500 points
- dye kit for dbow 500 points
- (what else to add?)

note: only be able to kill these monsters when you have them for task so no camperino (excluding chaos dwarfs)

> make dagg lair like actual runescape where theyre in the arena and you have to tribrid to kill them all because atm its boring trash ez game
super rare: an imbue kit, to suit each ring, zerker dag drops imbue kit for berserker ring etc

add a command ::Bosskills
shows how many times you've killed bosses like:
- Tarn
- Tarn Dad
- Gwd Bosses (excluding minions)
- Corp
- Tormented demons
- Mole
- Barrelchest
- (cant think of anymore)

> when doing barrows, make it so the game recognizes that you've killed the brother regardless if youre in the room or not, as sometimes if you kill it then instantly go upstairs it doesn't record that you've killed it and you have to go down again and kill it, then wait for the counter to go up before going upstairs

> increase the death timers of gwd bosses, coz they spawn fast as fuck after killin and u have like no time to clear minions, eat food/pot etc

> move the tormented demon thats currently in wild to a more flat area as its on top of a hill and its annoying as fuck

> add 2 new wildy bosses to drop ccbow, and c staff, chaos ele drops maul, rapier and long, why not add more

For ik ben nederlands SKILLER boys:

> Red Chins:
hunter only had red chins to do at lvl 64 - 99, maybe make it so when u reach lvl 85 you start gaining 2 chins, 95 3 chins etc, adjust xp so it isnt just double/triple exp as that would be stupid fast

> add a "X" option for smithing as smithing 10 sets of stuff is aids

> thieving stalls arent at edgeville next to rewards ugly troll dude

> make a "light all logs" option for firemaking, its extra kanker that u have to click every log

Pking/Combat stuff:

> rune ccbow/ chaotic cbow does like no damage even with max range gear, never seen a 60 dbolt spec in my life, needs a damage buff

> make teleblock work in rev dungeon so kids cant teleport when tb'd

> vine whip has no spec bar

> nerf vesta longsword

> make chaotics only lose charge when used in pking, or atleast reduce the price to fix them

> buff dbow spec, even with dragon arrows it sucks

> when people die with untradeables, make it so the person who killed them gets coins for each untradeable they made the other person lose:
defenders: 1m
torso: 700k
god capes: 300k
chaotics: 2m
rest of untradeables: 300 - 500k each
(makes welfare pking somewhat profitable)

Miscellaneous stuff:

> add bgloves to a shop for 1m coins

> banking needs some serious fixing, buggy as fuck
- depositing all sometimes puts runes in other tabs along with other items
- items dont switch places when you try to
- depositing items makes you scroll to the top

> r e m o v e s t a t u e t t e s f r o m r e v s p l e a s e

> make regular spirit shields a common drop from corp, to benefit welfare pking


another list ye, but ill just be adding to this one i guess w/e im bored

if you have suggestions i'll add them in, especially skilling ones as im clueless on skilling

ty lads

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Default 02-10-2017, 11:58 AM

Nice suggestion list. Please add stats to vpn bow its pretty useless. It would be a shame if it was ignored until the next Travis kys thread

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Default 02-10-2017, 12:29 PM

support for ik ben nederlands skiller boys

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Rs Himself (02-11-2017)
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Default 02-10-2017, 01:06 PM

@ Skilling:

Do you know if there's a teleport to Brimhaven horseshoe?
If not, add that.

I'll have to test it again, but from what I remember, RC exp is all kinds of fucked, so that might need to be reworked.

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Default 02-10-2017, 03:09 PM

Can never fault ur suggestions, if only they were considered..
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Default 02-11-2017, 10:54 AM

Dayum, seems very good, but like anonymoux said, it'll probably never happen. All we can do is suggest and suggest. Having some new bosses would be nice, strykewyrms are a very good idea as well. Your idea about the random slay ring teleport sounds very interesting indeed, would definitely love to see that in game. But i use the slay ring to get tasks while doing bosses, so it's very useful, for me at least. An example: I finish doing a bandos task and just use the ring to get a new one, which sometimes takes a while due to the bad elite tasks. While doing ::resettask for a few min i finally get a new task, and in meanwhile i haven't wasted time, because i've been killing bandos for the whole time. Also i sometimes get the same task after just completing it, so i don't have to go to that location again.
I agree about the vls nerf, because it's not cool when someone with it can beat my korasi, which took me dozens of kills to get.. If they want the best pvm weapon a.k.a. korasi (this is in theory, because at the moment korasi can be beaten by other weapons as well, like whip), they should work for it, not just buy a vls for a few mil.
Some things i disagree on - light all logs, because it's already a fast and easy skill. TB in rev cave - if it works, there is just no way out.. in wildy you can at least run. Besides, it's the best way to earn money for new players, so making it a death pit would be against that.

A few skilling tips:
Crafting - more npc's should drop dstones, because it's a pain to get them. Ofc they give only 1k more xp, but with 2x/4x/6x xp it adds up.
Thieving - the hit rate from hero should be slightly reduced.
Herblore - extremes/ovls and a few other potions should be added to the skill guide so people know it's possible to make them. I had forgotten about it and didn't know about it, as did many other people who have asked in cc.
Agility - fixing the bug where you can get stuck after finishing a lap.
Mining - adding a few more locations with mithril/adamant ores (or making existing sites usable, like lumbridge swamp, al kharid mining area)
Farming - watermelons/strawberries etc. should give more xp, because it takes far longer to grow tham and in result you get practically nothing. The seeds can be obtained by pickpocketing the master farmer, which makes growing them even harder. Herbs take ~8-15 minutes, whereas crops 2 or even 3 times longer. (i don't remember how long, been doing only herb runs past few weeks due to the low xp or watermelons)

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Default 02-11-2017, 07:18 PM

slayer rings give tasks and u can see how many u have left. i like your suggestion but hope that dont get removed inplace of it...and yesssss to the slayer rewards for other items... cuz its annoying af to do pest control for void lmao
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s to the u to the ggestions


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