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Default Suggestions - 02-18-2017, 03:09 PM

Took me about 5 minutes to think of these, LMK what you think.


- Achievements diary / Gives people something to work towards. - Could be untradable sets when completing achievements - like OSRS.

- Slayer Rewards / Stop receiving tasks, More in tasks.

- Donator Points / Instead of donating for an item you get points, a little like vote points so you can save up etc, also making them tradable.

- Server-wide messages after 99 *Anonymoux just received 50M/100M/150M/200M experience* *Anonymoux just prestiged fishing at 50M experience* etc..

- Random rare when voting say 1/100 votes someone could get an untradable, doesn't need to be common just gives us something other than tickets/DXP's.

- Extreme clue scrolls - can be traded for easy,medium and hard cluescroll. Obv need to change clue scroll drops as we can only hold 1 at a time. Extremes would require you to get levels/items to wear while digging etc like OSRS clues, not just a location to dig on.

- Alch prices for rune/dragon armours can be as low as 100-200k per alch, makes them not completely worthless. - obviously change prices at ::shops so you can't buy an item and alch it for more..

- Clue scroll weekends, every few weekends make all players able to buy say 1-3 clue scrolls that weekend from an NPC - even if they're 10M it puts some risk into buying one and losing out, or getting an expensive item.

- Random NPC spawns somewhere in wild every 3 hours - *Corp just spawned at ::44's kill it for reward* always drops a rare item but is harder to kill than normal corp. - will make wilderness more active as people will risk it to get a rare.

- Random mine spawns around SG when mined you get golden nuggets - which can be traded to NPC for rewards like clue scrolls etc. Can only be mined a certain amount of times and then dissapears only spawns every few hours *the mine has spawned somewhere in Varrok* players run around to find it and mine as fast as possible.

- Ability to prestige combats at 200M xp - reward could be untrimmed cape which gives x2 experience and +5 bonus for that skill. *+5 str bonus for str cape/+5 mage bones for mage cape* etc..

- Give either all or no prestige items DXP, atm we have a few items like wc/rc prestige items that give x2 experience and fishing/fm prestige items that don't.

- When clicking herblore stat a guide for extremes overloads comes up, which pots to use with which herb, currently not many people know which to mix.

- Chaotics to have more charges for PvM, currently useless as 500 hits takes no time and it's 5M to recharge. - keep 500 charges for PvP.

- Monthly donator store sales - Mainly for untradables.
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Default 02-18-2017, 03:11 PM

really great suggestions i could defiantly see this in sg and would make it more enjoyable i think nice suggestions
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Default 02-18-2017, 06:01 PM

Support everything, would be nice to see some player suggestions being implemented!!
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Default 02-27-2017, 12:57 PM

varrock should be home
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Default 02-27-2017, 02:23 PM

Some great suggestions! I think, for the moment, some core gameplay needs to be addressed first - like the problem(s) with certain weapons, etc. With most of the 'reward' suggestions, I don't really see them being worthwhile with such a low player base. Getting something awesome with little people on doesn't make you feel... unique? As in, I'd rather show off what I have earned/been rewarded to a larger audience. Although, such suggestions could be the things that new/returning players would be excited for?
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Default 02-27-2017, 06:38 PM

support all of these suggestions! great ideas
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