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Just my 2 geepees
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Default Just my 2 geepees - 05-02-2014, 06:21 PM

We are in a rut. A rut where everyone's maxed and just sits around... then goes to another server to play.
Dupes run wild, people get 1b drops...
People are rich and just sit around. Resetting will give people something to do.

Good start, doesn't make sense when about 5% of player base controls 90+% of economy in items. Furthermore, it doesn't leave them unless they decide to stake someone as equally wealthy as them, in which the items still aren't going anywhere because it went to someone with even more items.

Prestige untrimmed capes will stay with x2 XP instead of the giant boost now
** 50m prestige items will be removed.

- Event items will be kept
** Easter eggs, ring, sled, etc...

- Skills re-do
** Lowering the XP rates and evening out some of the tougher skills... EG: Hunter, farming, agility, etc
** New skilling based items can be added to benefit (kinda like prestiging)

- Prices re-do
** Alch prices + item prices will be lowered
** Shops will be re-done price wise to be more beneficial to everyone

- New content can work around this reset
** Some of the new content I'm working on can't exactly be added because I have nothing good to add with it
** New armors/items will be moved around to different bosses to be more appropriate

- All open and working duplication glitched will be patched 100%
** This includes re-doing Duel Arena + trading to be more efficient and bug free

1. We need a way to compensate for those who've gotten 200m in skills.
They put their time into skilling because there was really nothing else to do. Pking was atrocious, pvm was boring. So they invested their time in doing the only thing left. I propose to keep the items as cosmetics, but give those who've gotten 200m in a skill something to help them get ahead of others by a little, capes just aren't going to be enough.
2. No qualms with this.
3.long over due, but we need someone dedicated to maintaining it. As it stands, someone like me can determine the price of an item because of how rich they are. I can start buying items for a set amount which is higher than previous average which will change the items price. Needs safeguards against that and a new price system needs to be determined.
4.I think that the way the server is can't truly be changed unless you apply some dynamic and drastic changes. Its just going to keep on happening again and again.

Donations are a problem. Some items in-game are clearly duped. You cant have donations and dupes existing with each other because the problem just doesn't die. You bring in new items like partyhats, they unstabalize the eco by themselves because of their sheer price. Now they get duped like every big item (Dhai, Agses, 3rd age ammies black g) and you're just adding to the cesspool. Donating is honestly something to be thought about because its a really hard subject and I can't really bring much light to this other than what I've said because its just too big.

- Donator items (non tradable) will stay
- Usernames will stay the same
- Korasi will stay (Large donation/weeks of farming) - Bad bad bad if lost (Need reqs still)
- Vote tickets will not disappear
- Lower item prices (alch, drop, etc)
- Lower money drop, etc
- Lower vote stuff
- PKP stays (will give an added benefit to pking. easy items)
- Lower shop prices

1. Fine with me, people paid money for them even though its considered a gift towards the server.
2. Assuming char files aren't deleted just modified.
3. Vote tickets need to go. Doesn't make sense to keep them. Someone with 10b+ just sells all their items to stock pile vote tickets and buy items from the shop, not sure how no one sees that unless you're changing the vote shop.
4. alchs are kinda uselss unless its for zgs, sgs, pvp items, and chaotics. Korasi also alchs for 715m.
5. kinda the same as 4 but I don't feel as if this is truly the way. Slayer should be fixed so that you need to devote time for it with high rewards. Some servers have good slayer systems in which you earn rewards like on RS. You should be able to make money from reward shop as well as monster drops which should be modified to rs rates.
6.Do something about pk farmers otherwise no complaints.
7. Not sure what this is.

I think a good start if the reset does happen is to implement more ways to make money. Like selling to dominik gives you some decent money isnt a bad idea. More things like this should be added. Provides a way that forces people to get certain requirements if they want to get ahead, unlike how it is now where everything is so inflated you only need to use time to merch an item because someone is so rich and impatient they will over pay constantly.

A lot of suggestions were flying around in-game and I'm willing to organize them here, I have more to say but first I want to see what you guys think of this.
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Default 05-02-2014, 06:26 PM

reserved. will edit when i get home.

Sometimes we just need a friend.
Someone to hold us when you can't stand.
Sometimes even to pretend like you matter for that split second that everything seems to be crashing down.
And sometimes it's just easier to say goodbye.

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Just my 2 geepees

Suggestions (archive)

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