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Suggestions kappa
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Default Suggestions kappa - 06-01-2015, 07:11 PM


Boss Pets

And yes. Most of the suggestions that I'm going to give have already been suggested. I just want to wrap the main ones I found good into one thread.

How is this going to be helpful?:
- Will allow people to pvm more to get an exquisite rare pet (More players pvming / More players online trying to get a rare pet?).
- Will allow players to go inside of wild to get the pet they want (Chaos element,Barrelchest and other.. ( Debatable)
- By this happening, more pkers will have a chance to pk others in wild to get pkp's
-Also, the pets listed in the chart are not the only ones that are going to come in-game. Those were just the main ones to get an idea.

Voting Chest



Personally, chest #1 looks more standing out to me and also, this is the same chest that is being used for the "Barrow Gloves" minigame which hasn't been working for awhile now. So I'm not really sure If Gir is willing to change it into a voting chest. And yet again, this is debatable.

How is this chest going to work out?:
By adding these "Voting Keys" or also named as "Crystal keys" they'll be taking the place of the 1 Million Coins, Voter Cape, and the Barrage Runes on the vote page. All of these will be taken away due to the lack of people voting for them since they're completely useless. And also, Manta rays should be turned into rocktails which would help even more with people getting started / Pvmer's and Pkers.

These "Voting Keys" are going to look like the Crystal keys or in a different colour which resembles with the chest (Gold? Grey?)




Where will this chest be located at?:

This chest will be located at somewhere visible to all new players. Possibly here - >

How many keys will be given to the player and what will be the rewards?

The amount of keys will be given depending on their status.
For instance, regular players will be getting 3 keys and 3 vote points.
Donators will be getting 6 keys and 4 vote points.
Super donators will getting 9 keys and 5 vote points.

The rewards that will be given from the chest are these(From best to worse):
  • Korasi (X / X amount)
  • Chaotics (Staff,Crossbow,Rapier,Longsword and Maul) (X/X amount)
  • Armadyl Godsword (X / X amount)
  • Dragon Claws (X / X amount)
  • 1-100m Coins (X / X amount)
  • Kiln Cape
  • Fire Cape
  • Vine Whip
  • Trimmed armour
  • Barrows armour
  • Pking Gear ( Mystics, Torso, Dragon armour, Whip)
  • Skilling supplies ( Herbs, Seeds, Empty Vials, Pickaxes, Hatchets)

What will the vote shop look like?:
The vote shop will contain 1-3 tradeable rare customs. Possibly chosen from this image -> And yes, I'm aware most of these phats are already in the donate page but, we can add the new H'Ween masks or grain to the vote shop. To add on, the only reason these tradeable customs should be added is to make players feel rich. Since they cannot donate to the server, they can always vote for the server to get themselves a rare custom to wear and feel rich. And for the price of these customs it should be 500 tickets due to them being tradeable (Debatable).

Everything else can stay the way it is I guess. Or, you can leave a response down below on what can be added to the vote shop.

Custom Titles

How are these custom titles going to work?:

If you're a regular player without donator status, you won't be able to change your free title to your own custom title (You will only be able to use the free ones such as "King","Queen" and "Ub3r". If you're a donator, you will be able to change your custom title in the default colour. So basically, it won't really look that unique but you'll still have your own custom title which everyone will be able to see in the chat box. Lastly, for super donators, they'll be able to change the colour of their custom titles which will also be shown in the chat box.

Being a donator.

Being a super-donator.

Oh, and the "default" colour that I was referring to is basically the colour that the name "Blank" is.

Why is this a good idea?:
This will be something neat and new for SilabGarza. I only know of one server that has this custom usertitle thing. I'm pretty sure people will like this. It'll benefit all kind of players by having a cool custom usertitle.

Monster DDing and Trading / Picking Up Items.

As we all know, when you DD in a monster it can somehow attack you even though you're inside of it. This will have to fixed to make pvming the way it's suppose to be and the way how the Npc's are suppose to attack. As for reference on what I mean, watch this. - >

As goes for trading items and picking items up, it has to be one of the glitchiest and slowest things ever. When you're putting things up for trade, you have to click an item 2 times until it shows up in the other person's inventory. I know this isn't really suggestion same goes for the monster "dding" but these little bugs can be fixed to make SG better. I have no idea why they weren't fixed before. Video(s) for reference ->



When spam clicking an npc when it's about to die, it won't be able to die. This works with any weapon and npc.

I'm not sure if Gir has changed this recently or if it has always been like this. Find the mistake.

Aside from everything, in my opinion, @Gir should remove these quests from here since they're taking up space and add something stunning which would make new players stunned (Something NO SERVER has) possibly an activity shop so, as soon as you click "Activity Shop", it'll open up an interface containing COSMETIC items only. Players who play a lot can feel rewarded by getting this fancy gear. And if you can't figure something out to add, just remove it since it doesn't have to be there anyways.

(Cosmetic Shop)

That basically sums it up for now. I know few more other bugs that need to be fixed but these ones are main ones that need to be dealt with. If there are any questions and other stuff you'd like to add-on, feel free to leave a kind response below #Nobullyzone kappa

Didn't know we could post other RSPS related stuff. Sorry for late clips :/

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Default 06-01-2015, 07:12 PM

support because you took the time to copy pasta this post from some other forum.

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King Staker (06-02-2015)
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Default 06-01-2015, 08:25 PM

Support, this will bring players

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Default 06-01-2015, 08:29 PM

I think all these updates are great /support

Thanks to Jellybean for this sig!
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Default 06-01-2015, 08:56 PM

like the idea of the vote chests -.-
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Default 06-01-2015, 09:21 PM

I support most of these ideas,especially the custom titles also the things that need to be fixed

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Default 06-01-2015, 11:30 PM

Most of these suggestions make sense.


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Default 06-02-2015, 05:02 AM

why not just play 07 and get a pet on there
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Jawn (06-03-2015)
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Default 06-02-2015, 05:22 AM

Pets - SG missed the chance to be one of the first servers to have them and they won't bring anything to the server other than the 5 who play having one. It won't increase pking because the remaining players are all scared shitless of entering it regardless of what they can get even though there is no one who actually pks left so the wilderness is empty anyway.

Your vote shop is full of the shitty cosmetic items I said not to have in my thread which you posted "Support 100%"? Or yeah why not fill it with partyhats so everyone can just vpn the fuck out of it for a few days and then never vote again.

Support the custom titles but again it's not unique at all.

Support fixes for trading and the monster dying, but no idea why you would spam click a monster anyway?

Support for Travis not being able to spell.

Not even gonna get started on the cosmetic shop.

bring back 010pure
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Default 06-02-2015, 05:51 AM

Most people hate cosmetics, but what does it matter at this point, add em and see who joins.

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