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Reload this Page Major computer problem.

Major computer problem.
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Default Major computer problem. - 05-15-2012, 01:25 PM

Hello there, my computer have some major issues and I am now turing to you guys for help and maybe atleast some clue what the problem might be.

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
RAM: ~3000MB
CPU: 2.8Ghz dual core
Graphic: PCI Express 2024MB
I will go further into detailed information on each and every part if this is nessesairly.

The start of the problem:
The computer have been running fine for a good number of months until one time about 4-5months back. It refused to start and asked me to run Windows System Repair. It said it could not repair Windows automaticly and it just asked me to send fail message to Microsoft and shutdown or restart the computer. This happend once that time. After I restarted it it was running fine for a few weeks. Then when I was playing World of Warcraft the whole computer just froze. The sound was beeping quite loud and I restarted the computer. After this, the very first screen when you start up the computer (where you can start BIUS) was kind of blurry. It sent me back to system repair and at this time it was the same as last time, didnt work. This time however I could not start the computer again. I ended up using the system restore program. After this the computer worked fine for a few days. Then same thing happend, It froze and after this, I was able to start up the computer but it took well over 30minutes to get to the login screen. When I was there the pointer was lagging heavily, on each and every second it froze for aprox 5 seconds and then I could move it just a few inches untill it froze again for 5 seconds. I was not able to write in the password on the login screen because each letter I wrote froze like the key was down for 5 seconds.

I restarted the computer a few times, and after about 3-4 restarts the computer was running smoothly and I was able to play for either a day or just a few hours untill same thing happend again. After a few days of this endless restarts the text on startup screen (now all screens untill the windows logo appeared) were blurry and long white lines was all down to the very bottom of the screen. At this time, when the computer was running smoothly I tried to put in the windows 7 disc and repair the system from there, guess what.. didnt work! Each time I shut the computer down it required more and more attempts to start up the day after. This was going on for a few months until last month, when the computer refused to start at all. I though it was some kind of virus or some problem in the harddisc itself, so I replased it. I put in the windows 7 Ultimate 32bit disc, the installation was running smoothly. But when I was about to start it up the very first time after completing installation, It went into a BLUESCREEN and restarted. It did this everytime. I reinstalled windows 3-4 times and same thing happend everytime. When I try to repair an existing windows with the disc, it says that it can't solve the problem. I also tried two more harddiscs plus with windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, it just doesent work.

Is there anyone who have a clue what the problem might be here? The motherboard who is fucked up?

Im playing in a shitty laptop now and I want my good old computer back
Throw in a comment if you have had same issues like this or if you know what could be wrong. Save mai computer, I aint got no monz to buy new one at this time !

Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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Default 05-15-2012, 03:42 PM

Well by Reading this,i have had the same problem -just saying- mine froze while i was virus scanning, i bumped one button it froze,and then decided not to unfreeze i held in the power button, turned it back on all it did was beeped, all the time - non stop - so i now have to take it in to a computer shop like you will have to ask em if they can take a look at it and look how much it will cost you and then try begging them to give u a freeby of a fix/ tume up and you will be alright goodluck but this is all i can tell you... sorry you had to be a victum :s

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Default 05-18-2012, 10:14 PM

Okay so. 3 Solutions to this.

1. Your version of windows is fawked like shit. Either, get another legit copy or reinstall windows totally. Try and go for a 64 bit install nextime

2. Your motherboard is fucked like shit. If this is the case, just get a new computer. Its worth spending $450 bucks for a much better pc.

3. Your video card could be causing the problems. If it shorts or overheats that can make the VGA or DVI connection to your monitor go to shit. It also controls all the internal well, video things. So that could be why things get blurry and BIOS wacks out.

Most likely its the video card and or motherboard shorting out. I don't think anything is severely broke, but it's definitely something wrong with the internals. Long story short, it's time to upgrade to something a little better. If you are computer savvy, I would suggest replacing both the motherboard and video card. Shouldn't run but $200 bucks, and you can get another 2 gigs of ram for $40 bucks.

So throw $240 bucks at it to get a possible fix
Or spend $450-500 to get a new desktop.

Imo, buy a new computer.

P.S. I'm not a technical genius, but I know some things. You can always just take it to geek squad at best buy. They are very very good at what they do. I've used them before. 100% vouch for them.

Hope this helps

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Default 06-06-2012, 10:40 PM

Don't download unlegit torrents haha
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Major computer problem.


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